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Hello Friends, as COVID-19 shut our world down in 2020 we also ceased preparations and planning, and for the most part cancelled projects though we will continue entomological photographic fieldwork. We were hoping to resume in 2021 but based on the pandemic’s course, we are hesitant to project a date. Our decision wasn’t made lightly and is based on travel guidance and health advisories from the World Health Organization, the U.S. State Department and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As you may imagine this shutdown has also had an enormous impact on our financial wellbeing. We remain optimistic for 2022, and wish everyone to stay safe and healthy through this unprecedented time –XMI Team

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Let's ensure a bright future for the Earth. In saving our planet, we'll save ourselves.

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Latest Destination: Channel Islands National Park, California

Buckwheat on Santa Cruz Island

Buckwheat on Santa Cruz Island

Flowering buckwheat on Santa Cruz Island, part of Channel Islands National Park, located of the coast of California, USA

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