Prayer Offerings at Phnom Bakheng

Peoples of the Earth: Cultures and Sights

Culture is an integral part of being human. It is transmitted through social learning and knowledge from person to person, generation to generation. It is comprised of behavior, attitudes, language, food, beliefs, customs, rituals, the arts, and faith and religion. Culture often times highlights characteristics and achievements of a nation, people, or other social group. Through fieldwork, community projects and expeditions we have photographed and shared many extraordinary sights and moments of human heritage. We hope our work bridges the divide between peoples by offering insight into the rich multi-faceted human experience of our planet.

Food Culture

Food culture is an integral part of who we are as individuals and as a people. What we eat defines us as–part of the human race, residents of a specific country, followers of a religion, members of a family ethnicity and subscribers to eating based on preference or health concerns. Cooking and eating are both communal and personal experiences. Food opens conversation. It builds bridges. It preserves traditions and practices. It delights our taste buds and allows our senses to travel the world. Here is a  look at what the world eats...

Way of Life

Through fieldwork and expeditions we have encountered and witnessed many extraordinary moments showing how humans live across the planet. Each person, group, nation has their own way of life, their own way of living. Yet everyone is joined by their need for sustenance and shelter, and through aspects of our shared human nature. We hope our work may bridge divides between peoples by offering insight into the rich multi-faceted human way of life.

Images in Stone

Ancient rock art is images carved, engraved, painted or drawn onto solid rock surfaces, it can also be rocks laid out in patterns or ground drawings. It is one of the oldest mediums used for human expression. These images in stone tell the story left by early native peoples. Some of the language we are able to decipher, but much is open to interpretation as meanings were lost over time. Rock art is continually discovered across the globe, hidden in caves and rocky outcrops that have managed to shelter it from corroding elements. We aim for our photography to be research worthy and provide an archival record of these very precious sites.

Rituals and Customs

We have ventured to many locations across the globe, documenting the heritage of its peoples and places. Despite the modernization of society, rituals and customs remain an important and integral part of community, and world culture as a whole. These traditions pass on the story of humankind in relation to beliefs, locations and behaviors. Our aim is to preserve and share these moments and sights of living cultural heritage through photography.

Cultural Sites

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