Solar Power Project Cambodian School

XMI Brings Solar Power to a Cambodian School

Something truly exciting happened... the first project and donation fundraiser from XplorMor International, was a huge success! Funds were raised to install solar power, including lights, fans and electrical outlets, at the children's school located in Run Ta-Ek Eco Village situated outside Siem Reap, Cambodia. Run Ta-Ek is one of the first all solar home-stay projects in Cambodia. Its goal is to alleviate population pressures at Angkor Archaeological Park, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Run Ta-Ek is a partnership between the APSARA National Authority (Cambodia's Authority for the Protection of the Site and Management of the Region of Angkor) and the Khmer people living around and inside Cambodia's Angkor Archaeological Park. The focus is on eco-tourism, creating jobs, education and a sustainable future for the people who relocate to the village. Currently, over 100 families have been given homes and lands by APSARA. These families have children in need of education. A school was built within the 1,000 hectare community grounds to meet this important need, however it lacked certain necessities such as electrical power. This campaign raised the necessary funding for installation of solar panels to make the school sustainable, comfortable and productive for the children's education, and to pave the way for future advancements like computers. 

Thank you to everyone who generously contributed to making this dream a reality, and to positively impacting the lives of these wonderful children!

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