Entomology in Photography

Entomology is the study of Insects and their relationship with the world around them, including interactions with humans, the environment, and other organisms. Insects not only outnumber all other forms of Earth’s living creatures combined, but they carry out roles vital to life on our planet. Fieldwork, video and photography give broader insights into habitats, behavior, evolution, ecosystems and even climate change. XMI photographic work in natural habitats aims to highlight this dynamic and crucial world of Insects, and to promote its conservation.

Please realize we are a passionate team of nature enthusiasts, not a team of formerly trained entomologists, instead we rely heavily on various university entomology department sites, iNaturalist, BugGuide, AskAnEntomologist and other online resources for collecting our identification information. We strive to keep up with correct identifications but approval and verification must be done prior to publication. Note: If an Order is not listed, then we have not photographed any of its species yet!

We love for our photos to be published in scientific research and editorial pieces!


Please keep checking back for new species to be added!

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