What is XplorMor?

XplorMor is an intention to get out there, to travel, and to explore in order to discover the peoples and places of this dynamic planet. XplorMor Team aims to inspire others by following and promoting this adventurous philosophy through coordinated expeditions, engaging photographs, personal articles, news-worthy and informative publications and shared insight gained on these extraordinary once in a life time journeys.

Motto: Travel. Photograph. Get out There. Share!

The Cuba We Are All Waiting to Experience

XplorMor Team returns from a month long exploration of Cuba...

Ninety miles and twelve minutes in a jet plane are all that separate the United States of America and the Republic of Cuba. I’ve come to call this “the longest twelve minutes” as to cross the divide is hours of effort, perseverance, waiting and patience, or in Spanish, paciencia. This is Cuba’s word. How do I know the distance is approximately twelve minutes? Yesterday I was on a World Atlantic flight from Havana to Miami, and I timed from when I saw through the cabin window the last tip of Cuba’s coast until…

Vinales Insects Julia Thomsen

XplorMor Expeditions take the Team on worldwide explorations in search of remarkable photo opportunities in remote, pristine locations. The journeys also offer unique story for Xplorer Journal excerpts and documentary material for published articles.

Xplorer Journals allow members of the XplorMor Team to share their experiences through narrative story-telling, documentary writing, and stunning photography. The journals offer captivating, firsthand accounts from expeditions that cover the globe.

XplorMor Worldwide Group Photography Projects are focused on building community and sharing vision, story and experience through all Peoples – 75 countries so far! The goal is to promote getting out there and to share a global experience through photography.

XplorMor Online Gallery Store displays the best travel, landscape, nature, cultural and wildlife photographs from XplorMor Expeditions. Your unique wall art may be ordered in print format with or without mattes and frames, and as canvas or metal wall art.

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Uzol and his orange pack
Kayak Excursion on Mono Lake XplorMor Inc
Panum Crater Hike XplorMor Inc
Garrick with Snake